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Romantic Isle of Palms

This handpainted watercolor portrait was a real treat considering it was located on one of my favorite beaches in South Carolina. I love the look of the storm coming in.

beach house portrait handpainted with watercolor

Hi! Are you ready for your handpainted home portrait?  Please give me three weeks from the time we make plans.

11x14" paintings start at $170.  I will require a 50% deposit at the time of agreement.  What is really fun is that you get notified with updates! This makes you part of the process too! Do not hesitate to contact me with your ideas.  All I need is a photo of the home, it's that easy!  

Mountain Landscapes in watercolor

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Along with "Small Works" in watercolor

Watercolor Plants

Botanical Series




 Handpainted Home Portraits

North Myrtle Beach